about me

me. i dont want to post an irl pic but this avatar is based off of me so ig

hey there. i'm butterfly.

my real name's lucina, but I go by Butterfly as well. i'm a trans girl from chicago, born in 2000 (that makes me 19!).

of course, there's way more than that. my favorite things are tinkering with computers, playing rhythm and strategy games, being absolutely adorable, and old anime/aesthetic. i'm pansexual, leaning toward lesbian, and i live with two of my six lovers right now!

also, i am part of a plural system!

favorite games:

  • Fire Emblem (my first was Awakening)
  • Beat Saber
  • Rhythm Heaven
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
  • Secret Little Haven (a trans game that inspired my whole aesthetic)
my computer:
  • Ryzen 7 2700X
  • 16 GB DDR4 ram
  • Radeon RX 5700 XT (yeah the weird one)
  • water cooling
  • wifi card
  • almost always running on linux unless it demands windows

places you can find me

why and how this site was built

the main reason i built this site was to return to web1.0 standards. no bootstrap, no templates. just HTML and CSS i wrote. also, this place may or may not turn out to be the home of our system soon, if i ever teach anyone else how to do HTML.

text files are edited with Neovim. while all attempts have been made to assure that no code was stolen, i cannot guarantee that any code here is solely mine. (thanks StackOverflow!)

pride buttons i made! feel free to copy them to your site

if i missed any, feel free to email me!

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